Work Collaboration Best Practices

Unleash a Culture of "Extreme Collaboration"

While all enterprises strive to collaborate, the fact is that some are executing at a higher level and therefore reaping much greater rewards than others. And while there are many factors that can explain the variance, in many cases the root cause is not a matter of effort: it’s a question of best practices.

That is, some enterprises are achieving what Gartner calls “extreme collaboration” by implementing six work collaboration best practices:

  • Foster the Use of Virtual, Web-Based Collaboration Spaces
  • Exploit the Value of Near-Real-Time Communication
  • Facilitate Dynamic Communities and Collaboration
  • Change Reward Systems to Encourage Collaboration
  • Use Social Network Analysis to Measure the Collaborative Behavior of Teams
  • Plan Group Events to Kick-Start Real-Time Communication and Collaboration

However, trying to embrace all of these best practices with conventional project management software or ad hoc tools like emails and spreadsheets isn’t the answer. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen!

Accessible through the cloud and therefore easily, instantly accessible by in-house and remote teams, Clarizen:

  • Allows cross-functioning teams to come together on a unified platform and build synergized communities—rather than work on their “disconnected islands of activity”
  • Lets enterprises leverage gamification to reward team members for collaborating (e.g., awarding points, status levels, etc.).
  • Enables project managers and other executives to track how team members interact, which ensures that collaboration happens in the context of work execution and achieving objectives—and not just the result of unproductive emergent activity streams
  • Creates a deep, personal sense of community via webinars, “Town Halls” and other enterprise events that all team members can experience, wherever they are located in the world

Discover why leading enterprises worldwide rely on Clarizen to build and drive their culture of “extreme collaboration.” Request your free trial.