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What Is Resource Management

Efficient Resource Management with Clarizen

In formal terms, resource management is defined as a “component of project management that takes care of the human, financial, distribution, and demands of project resources.”

However, if you ask most project managers, they’ll provide a more direct, down-to-earth definition: resource management is vital to project success, and yet one of the most difficult things to achieve, maintain, and control.

That’s because conventional project management software and its “one-size-fits-all” approach may provide some scheduling and task management functionality, but is woefully incapable of delivering robust, comprehensive resource management capabilities. And that’s why more and more enterprises today are turning to Clarizen.

Clarizen’s award-winning cloud-based resource management solution helps teams work more efficiently and promotes the timely delivery of project goals. From any computer, laptop, or mobile device, team members can:

  • Manage change requirements
  • Assess resource re-allocation impact
  • Create real-time resource reports
  • Allocate resources to priority projects

To learn more about Clarizen’s resource management features and functions, request your free trial today.