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What Is Project Portfolio Management

Rated the World's #1 Project Portfolio Management Solution

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), project portfolio management (PPM) is the centralized management of one or several project portfolios and includes processes related to identifying, approving, managing, and controlling projects in order to meet strategic business objectives.

However, according to experieneced project managers, CIOs, PMO executives, and other enterprise managers and leaders, project portfolio management is an extraordinarily challenging, stressful, and risky process – and it’s mainly because the conventional project management software they’re obligated to use categorically cannot support project portfolio management at the enterprise level.

That’s why leading enterprises are leaving their conventional project management software behind – and embracing Clarizen.

Clarizen is an award-winning project portfolio management solution that is acclaimed and recommended by a growing array of credible independent reviewers, including those at, Capterra,,, and

With Clarizen as the backbone of their project portfolio management system, enterprise leaders and decision-makers can effectively and efficiently:

  • Access 360-degree visibility of all projects in the portfolio
  • Perform risk evaluation and implement risk mitigation strategies
  • Ensure that project investment and selection is aligned with organizational business priorities
  • Facilitate effective change management throughout the organization
  • Establish standards, processes, practices, and workflows that elevate project performance across the portfolio
  • Discuss issues and ideas on a social collaboration platform
  • Roll up project data into KPIs to assess portfolio health
  • Create custom business rules to streamline workflows

Discover why both expert reviewers and results-focused enterprises agree that Clarizen is the world’s best project portfolio management software. Request your free trial.