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What Is Project Management Collaboration Software

Make Project Management a Breeze with Project Management Collaboration Software

While projects are inherently unique and so are the organizations and project managers who lead them, all successful projects have one thing in common: excellent plans.

Indeed, from ensuring adequate funding, to maintaining appropriate staff levels, to mitigating risks, to managing stakeholder expectations and more, project plans are at the heart of every success story; or invariably at the core of every object lesson.

Clarizen’s project management collaboration software enables your team to work efficiently, by dramatically simplifying the project planning process. By integrating a rich set of features, templates, social networking tools and more, Clarizen offers out-of-the-box planning for:

  • Budgets and expenses
  • Change requests & issues
  • Project portfolio management
  • Resource management
  • Risk management

For more information on Clarizen’s award-winning, cloud-based project management collaboration software, visit to start a free trial today.