What Is Enterprise Project Management

Designed Specifically to Serve the Sophisticated Needs of Today's Enterprises

Enterprise project management (EPM) is broadly described as a holistic, all-encompassing approach to project and resource management that seeks to align standards, practices and policies with overall enterprise strategic objectives.

However, despite the critical importance of effective EPM to everything from short-term success to long-term survival, conventional project management software is categorically not capable of supporting EPM. Instead of visibility and control, enterprises struggle with silos and confusion. And that’s where Clarizen enters the picture.

Designed specifically to serve the complex, constantly-changing needs of large and enterprise organizations, Clarizen enables project managers and other decision-makers to:

  • Rapidly build project plans and track all details across every phase of the PLC
  • Gain unprecedented visibility across the entire project portfolio
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  • Build high-performance teams based on availability, skillset and location
  • Deploy and optimize resources across and within projects

Furthermore, Clarizen’s acclaimed “win the end user first” approach drives rapid adoption and usage. Teams can immediately see the benefits and advantages, as can leaders who see performance, productivity, results and success rise. Discover more by launching a free trial.