Team Collaboration Tools

Empower Teams with Robust, Easy-to-Use Collaboration Tools

With the growing role of remote workers and distributed teams, along with 24/7 uptime and integrated global marketplaces, today’s success and growth-oriented enterprises need to empower their teams with collaboration tools that make their jobs easier, faster, more productive and more rewarding.

However, conventional project management software fails to achieve any of these goals. Instead of being the solution, such software triggers bottlenecks, sends teams into their disconnected silos, and lacks the configurability, customization, scalability, flexibility, transparency and visibility that enterprises need now more than ever. Fortunately, Clarizen isn’t conventional project management software!

Clarizen is a work execution platform that delivers robust, easy-to-use team collaboration tools via the cloud, including:

  • Customizable group calendars that keep teams organized, focused and informed
  • Real-time discussion boards to discuss issues, build solutions, share ideas and even engage with customers
  • Contact management databases to easily connect with any in-house or remote team member
  • Document management and version control tools
  • Instant messaging tools with built-in social features such as @ tagging and #hashtags
  • Email integration, and the ability to participate in discussions simply by sending emails

Furthermore, Clarizen integrates with other systems in the enterprises (e.g. Salesforce), which means that team members always access up-to-date information and data. Enterprises can also create business rules to streamline workflows and automate actions.

Discover today why leading enterprises are empowering their people with Clarizen’s acclaimed, award-winning team collaboration tools – and taking performance and results to a whole new level.

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