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Task Management Software

Built from the Ground-Up with Task Management Best Practices in Mind

To achieve project success, project managers and teams must effectively plan, test, track, manage and report on tasks through their respective life cycles.

However, most conventional project management software solutions offer limited task management functionality. Consequently, enterprises are forced to track task status, priority, progress, notifications and other key details in a variety of ad hoc tools, such as emails and spreadsheets. As a result, instead of effective and efficient task management, project managers and teams are forced to navigate a confusing, chaotic maze. Fortunately, that’s where Clarizen makes the difference.

Clarizen is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based project management and work execution solution designed from the ground-up with task management best practices in mind. From their computer, laptop or mobile device, internal or external stakeholders can:

  • Track, manage and change all task details down to the granular level
  • Assign and re-assign tasks to resources based on availability and in order to achieve optimal utilization
  • Drive performance and goal achievement through milestones consisting of one or more tasks
  • Provide automatic notifications to all relevant internal and external stakeholders

Discover today why Capterra has named Clarizen to its “Top Task Management Software Products” list. Request your free trial today.