Social Networking For Businesses

Social Networking Enhances the Online Presence of Businesses

Organizations across the world are using social networking to establish their online presence, connect with new customers, and achieve more marketshare and mind share. However, when it comes to relying on social networking to drive their internal projects and programs, many organizations are behind the curve — which is a major missed opportunity for growth and profitability.

Social networking is a cost-effective, convenient and result-based way for organizations to unify their workers and workgroups – regardless of whether they work at head office, or are distributed on remote teams across the city, country, continent or world.

Clarizen helps organizations harness and organize the informal and formal conversations taking place in their ecosystem – whether brick and mortar or virtual – in order to align them with actions, deliverables, goals and results. At the same time, organizations can leverage Clarizen’s cloud-based social networking platform in order to rapidly, efficiently and effectively:

  • Manage, allocate and track resources to ensure optimization
  • Control and coordinate multi-faceted change management projects
  • Unify employees so that no matter where they are or when they work, they feel like they’re part of the team – and contributing to something meaningful

Ultimately, Clarizen empowers organizations to use social networking to drive their online presence and their internal workflows – not one instead of the other.

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