Social Collaboration Best Practices

Empowering Enterprises with Social Collaboration Best Practices

Social collaboration has the potential to add lasting value to an organization by increasing productivity, enhancing the environment and culture, and driving ambitious solutions. However, most social collaboration platforms don’t follow best practices, and therefore fail to deliver. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.


Clarizen’s built-in suite of powerful, easy-to-use social collaboration tools:


·        Enable teams to connect online anytime, or simply by sending an email through Clarizen’s patented InterAct engine

·        Automatically puts all communication in the proper context by attaching posts, updates and documents to their associated project or discussion thread

·        Lets team members rapidly find communication and documents


Learn why leading enterprises rely on Clarizen to bring social collaboration best practices to life in their fast-paced, results-driven environment. Request your free trial.