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Saas Project Management

Empower Teams with a Pure Cloud-Based SaaS-Only Project Management Solution

Enterprises cannot afford to slow down—or worse, stop altogether—to integrate product updates so they can take advantage of new benefits and features.

However, project management solutions built on a dual on-premise and SaaS model are notorious for causing numerous internal conflicts. This not only creates major bottlenecks for over-worked and under-resourced IT teams, but it presents a serious risk that could derail project progress, and lead to cost overruns, missed deadlines, un-met business requirements, and irate customers and stakeholders.

That’s why Clarizen has been designed is a pure-cloud SaaS-only solution. As a result, enterprises can access new features on an ongoing basis, yet they only need to focus on one instance of code, which means completely avoiding costly, risky, and frustrating conflicts.

What’s more, as enterprises utilize SaaS and cloud applications to run their business processes, it’s crucial that they integrate with each other, as well as with existing data residing in legacy systems. However, other products often “farm out” this crucial element to affiliated third-party vendors, who are costly and present significant security challenges. Or worse, they place the integration burden on enterprises, which typically lack the in-house expertise and budgets to sponsor such a significant expense.

Clarizen offers a truly customizable platform and enterprise-grade support to build in-house, custom integrations. Our professional services teams work closely with enterprises to create an ecosystem where all of their processes are connected and working together to help them do much more, for far less.

Discover Clarizen’s pure-cloud SaaS-only project management advantages in your enterprise. Request your free trial.