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Resource Utilization in Project Management

Utilize your Project Resources to Maximize your Profitability

Organizational profitability is directly connected to project management efficiency and optimal resource utilization. Or, in other words: organizations that struggle with either or both of these core competencies typically experience cost overruns, schedule delays, and unhappy customers.

Clarizen’s cloud-based PPM solution helps organizations master resource utilization in project management by:

  • Aligning the right tasks with the right resources based on skillset and availability
  • Tracking effort so that resources are not just getting the job done, but getting it done on budget as well
  • Re-balancing resources across billable projects or workflows
  • Enabling in-context collaboration with local and remote workers and work groups
  • Accessing a suite of built-in dashboards and reports that make resource utilization fast and efficient

Ultimately, Clarizen helps organizations establish and sustain resource allocation and utilization excellence that drives profitability – and long term success.

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