Resource Tracking Strategies

Develop and Deploy Results-Based Resource Tracking Strategies

Enterprise project managers need effective, results-based resource tracking strategies to ensure that teams are aligned and optimized for high performance.

However, even the most potent resource tracking strategies won’t reap rewards if project managers are limited by conventional project management software, or even worse, spreadsheets and emails. Fortunately, that’s where Clarizen makes the difference between under-performance and unprecedented success.

Clarizen is an online project management and work execution platform that empowers project managers with robust, easy-to-use tools to:

  • Track resources in real-time, so that performance and productivity targets are consistently met and customer satisfaction levels remain high
  • Access at-a-glance resource calendars and task lists and make adjustments in a matter of seconds
  • Proactively review resource load changes before implementing them, to ensure viability and compliance with cost and schedule parameters
  • Connect with team members on a social collaboration platform to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions
  • Automatically provide team members with updates via their personalized Clarizen dashboard
  • Give team members a transparent view of the project so they can see how their contribution factors into the bigger picture

Furthermore, Clarizen is remarkably easy-to-use, which is why teams embrace it as part of their daily work experience. Project managers can also build workflows around any process and create custom business rules to trigger actions and tasks.

Discover why project managers around the world are relying on Clarizen to develop and deploy results-based resource tracking strategies – and achieve a new level of productivity, performance, and results. Request your free trial.