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Resource Management Strategies

Define, Develop, and Deploy Results-Based Resource Management Strategies

Today’s enterprises need effective resource management strategies to ensure that projects unfold as expected, customers are satisfied, and organizational ROI targets are met. That’s why leading enterprises worldwide choose Clarizen.

Clarizen is an online project management and work collaboration platform designed for enterprise environments. Through a suite of robust, easy-to-use tools, project managers can define and optimize resource management strategies by:

  • Tracking resources in real-time, which ensures that KPIs and performance targets are met
  • Modifying individual and group calendars and task lists to reflect changing strategies and priorities
  • Collaborating with enterprise decision-makers on resource strategies and other high-level issues
  • Re-allocating and optimizing resources to balance workloads across the portfolio
  • Notifying resources of any schedule or task changes via their personalized Clarizen dashboard
  • Analyzing task estimates and actual performance and determining if variances are part of a larger trend
  • Providing team members with 360-degree project visibility, so they can grasp how their valuable contribution impacts the bigger picture
  • Creating business rules to remind team members to submit overdue time sheets

Discover why leading enterprises trust Clarizen to define, develop, and deploy their effective resource management strategies—and ultimately achieve unprecedented results. Request your free trial.