Resource Management App

Drive Project Success with an Enterprise-Grade Resource Management App

Large organizations that decide they need an enterprise-grade resource management app are running into an unexpected obstacle: most solutions are designed for small and mid-sized organizations.

That is, such solutions are fine for relatively simple projects and small portfolios, but immediately break down when deployed in sophisticated and complex environments, in which running dozens, hundreds or even thousands of projects concurrently is the norm.

Fortunately, there’s a standout resource management app that has been specifically designed to serve the robust and demanding needs of today’s large organizations: Clarizen.

Accessible online through any computer or device, Clarizen delivers a full array of powerful, yet easy-to-use resource management tools to:

  • Access complete visibility, in order to allocate and re-allocate resources in projects and across the portfolio
  • Open, review and modify the calendars and task-lists of individual resources to ensure that they’re on-track and efficient, while not at-risk of overwork or burnout
  • Proactively assess potential resource allocation changes to determine cost, scope and schedule impact
  • Identify dependencies at the project and portfolio level, so that changes on one project don’t trigger problems on another

Furthermore, teams can customize any workflow in Clarizen and create business rules to streamline and automate tasks. They can also use a growing library of apps to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as integrate with other systems in the environment, including Salesforce, Box and Google Drive.

Discover the advantages and benefits of Clarizen’s enterprise-grade project and resource management app in your organization. Request your free trial today.