Resource Allocation In Project Management

Get Robust, Easy-to-Use Tools to Optimize Resource Allocation In Project Management

While there are several integrated phases, processes and steps that drive project management success, among the most important—and yet also among the most inefficient, unreliable and problematic—is resource allocation in project management.

This is essentially because resource allocation in project management isn’t a static, one-time exercise that takes place before the project launches. Rather, it’s an ongoing process that must be handled at both the big picture and granular level in order to ensure that projects are advancing on schedule, in budget and in scope. And that’s where Clarizen makes the difference between project success and project failure.

Clarizen is an online project management solution that empowers project managers to:

  • Allocate and re-allocate resources within projects and across the portfolio in a matter of seconds via drag-and-drop
  • Access team member calendars and task lists to identify workloads and adjust accordingly
  • Proactively analyze resource load changes based on hypothetical scenarios, and implement them only after confirming budget, schedule and scope feasibility
  • Track project schedules, milestones, deliverables and deadlines in real time

Furthermore, Clarizen is refreshingly easy-to-use, which is why project teams embrace it as part of their improved day-to-day work experience. Enterprises can also customize workflows around any process or work item and create custom business rules to trigger any action or workflow.

Discover today why leading enterprises rely on Clarizen to turn resource allocation in project management from a risky and confusing challenge, into a results-driven strategic process. Request your free trial.