Project Tracking Spreadsheet

Empower Teams with Robust, Easy-to-use Project Tracking Tools

Regardless of their industry, sector, field or vertical, projects managers worldwide agree: trying to track projects using spreadsheets is a recipe for chaos, confusion—and ultimately, failure.

That’s because spreadsheets were never designed for tracking projects, and therefore cannot provide the automation, visibility or real-time updating that is essential for even the simplest projects; let alone complex and sophisticated projects at the enterprise level. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen is an acclaimed cloud-based project management platform that provides project managers with robust, easy-to-use project tracking tools to:

  • Monitor project progress and performance in real-time: from high-level milestones, to the smallest granular details
  • Track budgets and expenses, including those that are linked to specific project tasks, employees, work items or departments
  • Track employee progress and compare percentage completed vs. estimates
  • Allocate and optimize resources, and monitor workloads in real-time

Furthermore, Clarizen features class-leading customization, configurability, flexibility and automation, which means that instead of juggling dozens or even hundreds of spreadsheets, project managers and teams can organize all of their project tracking data in one centralized, instantly-accessible online platform.

Learn why leading enterprises are liberating themselves from project tracking spreadsheets, and embracing Clarizen as their end-to-end project management solution. Request your free trial.