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Project Time Management

Empower Teams with Enterprise-Grade Project Time Management Tools

In large and enterprise organizations, project time management isn’t just a matter of completing deliverables and achieving milestones on time – it’s also a direct factor that determines project ROI and profitability.

However, neither conventional project management software nor the growing array of standalone project time management apps are capable of supporting dynamic, sophisticated enterprise teams. Such software and apps are either tediously inefficient to use, or they’re staggeringly superficial and feeble. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen is a cloud-based project and work execution platform that features robust, easy-to-use project time management tools that empower in-house and remote teams members to:

  • Submit time data via their laptop or mobile device immediately after an activity is finished
  • Load the handy Clarizen stopwatch to capture activity spent on a task or with a customer
  • Send and receive notifications regarding tasks and other schedule issues via their personalized Clarizen dashboard, or simply by sending an email
  • Identify variances and trends by analyzing time estimates vs. actual effort and remaining workload

Furthermore, enterprises can create customized business rules to automatically notify team members to submit time data for billing and invoicing purposes. Enterprises can also use Clarizen’s open API to connect with other systems, such as Salesforce.

Learn why leading enterprises around the world have made Clarizen their trusted “go-to” project time management solution.

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