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Project Portfolio Management

Empower Teams with Enterprise-Grade Project and Portfolio Management Tools

Enterprises need effective project management and portfolio management in order to best achieve their business goals.

However, conventional project management software or various ad hoc tools like spreadsheets and emails fail to get the job done. Instead of enabling effective, results-based project management or big picture portfolio management visibility, such software triggers confusion, conflict, and work chaos. That’s where Clarizen makes all the difference.

Accessible via the cloud, Clarizen is an enterprise-grade work execution platform that powerfully drives both project management and portfolio management.

With respect to project management, enterprise teams can use Clarizen to quickly and easily:

  • Build robust, realistic project plans complete with schedules, budgets, dependencies, milestones, and deliverables
  • Build and allocate resource teams and re-allocate them as required to keep schedules on track and costs within budget
  • Track project details, progress, and status at every stage
  • Communicate on a social collaboration platform and link conversations to structured work items
  • Sync data to and from leading SaaS solutions, including Salesforce and several more

And with respect to portfolio management, enterprise CIOs, PMO managers, and other decision makers can:

  • Generate total visibility across the entire project portfolio
  • Make better and faster resource investment decisions
  • Ensure that project selection and prioritization is aligned with enterprise strategy
  • Manage change by tracking change requests through every stage of the lifecycle—from initiation through to closeout

Request your free trial, and discover why enterprises worldwide have made Clarizen their results-based project management and portfolio management system.