Project Plan

Empower Teams with Robust, Easy-to-Use Project Planning Tools

While there are many puzzle pieces that must seamlessly fit together in order to achieve project success, without question, the most vital and typically, the most complex and challenging, is the project plan.

That’s because, unlike blueprints, project plans are dynamic and projects themselves are, by definition, iterative and progressively elaborated upon. That makes the project plan an active, organic set of documents that must deftly respond to project changes, yet remain focused on achieving all required business goals on schedule and in budget. And that’s where Clarizen shines.

Accessible via the cloud, Clarizen has re-invented project planning at the enterprise level through a suite of robust, yet easy-to-use tools. Wherever and whenever they are working, project managers and teams can simply log into Clarizen and:

  • Rapidly build comprehensive project plans that include deliverables, dependencies, milestones, schedules, budgets, and resources
  • Utilize a growing library of pre-built templates to make the project plan creation even faster—turning a process that once took weeks into one that can literally take minutes
  • Connect via a social collaboration platform to discuss planning and all other issues, as well as engage external stakeholders and customers
  • Access unprecedented real-time visibility of any or all project details at every stage of the project lifecycle
  • Quickly create clarifying reports and graphs for any stakeholder group

Furthermore, Clarizen’s API integrates with various SaaS solutions including Salesforce, Box, JIRA, Intaact, and more, which further automates and streamlines data syncs and workflows. Plus, Clarizen’s built-in configurability means that project managers can create business rules to automatically create project plans when certain conditions are met, such as when the likelihood of a sales engagement in Salesforce reaches a pre-set confidence level.

Discover today why enterprises worldwide trust Clarizen as their end-to-end project planning and management solution. Request your free trial.