Project Plan Software

Empower Teams with Award-Winning Project Planning Software

The importance of effective, robust project plan software cannot be underestimated; especially since an overwhelming number of projects are “won or lost” during the planning phase—not during execution.

However, conventional project management software is not part of the project plan solution, it’s part of the problem. Instead of enabling focused collaboration, such software either forces project managers into silos where they can’t get input from key stakeholders, or unleashes a chaotic “free-for-all” where anyone and everyone modifies the plan.

Fortunately, there’s an award-winning project management solution that leading enterprises are using to effectively and efficiently plan their projects, and put them on track for success: Clarizen.

Clarizen streamlines the project planning process by empowering designated team members to:

  • Quickly create schedules that include milestones, due dates, interdependencies, etc.
  • Identify key resources by searching via skills, location or availability
  • Access 360-degree visibility of project progress and performance in real time
  • Create reports, graphs and tables and share them via widgets and emails

In addition, Clarizen can be fully configured and customized with workflows and business rules. It also integrates with other systems in the enterprise, and is remarkably simple and easy-to-use.

Learn why enterprises worldwide trust Clarizen to effectively and efficiently plan their projects, and put them on track to reach the finish line on time and within budget. Request your free trial.