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Project Management

Empower Teams with Enterprise-Grade Project Management Tools

While there are a several definitions of project management in circulation—including those by the PMI, APM, IPMA, and the list goes on—one thing is universally understood to be true and beyond debate: in reality, project management is not the exclusive domain of formally-trained project managers.

However, conventional project management software continues to take a dangerously out-dated “command and control” approach that centralizes data and power in the hands of project managers; and keeps it away from the people actually working on the project.

And while this approach may work to a limited extent in small businesses or extremely simple projects, it’s fundamentally wrong for large and enterprise organizations that need to leverage all of their human capital. And that’s where Clarizen enters the picture.

Clarizen was designed with the revolutionary understanding that effective project management software must empower in-house and distributed teams with real-time information, and equip them with robust, yet easy-to-use productivity, communication and collaboration tools.

Wherever they are and whenever they’re working: at the office, on-site with a customer, at the airport or anywhere else they can access a computer, laptop or mobile device, team members can log into Clarizen and:

  • Provide input to develop realistic project plans
  • Access task and assignment information via their personalized dashboard
  • Connect and communicate via a social collaboration platform
  • Participate in discussions and send progress reports simply by sending an email

And at the same time, project managers can build, motivate and guide high-performance teams, and empower them with the real-time information and direction they need to advance the project forward.

Discover today why enterprises around the world are using Clarizen to re-invent their project management approach, and achieve unprecedented project success and organizational growth. Request your free trial.