Project Management Vs Program Management Vs Portfolio Management

Manage Projects Requests, Programs and Portfolios with PPM Software

The language of business is full of terms that appear similar or even synonymous, yet are qualitatively different — and cannot afford to be misunderstood. And perhaps there is no greater example of this potential mix-up than exploring project management vs. program management vs. portfolio management.

  • Project management is the application of knowledge, processes and tools in order to carefully plan, organize, monitor and review projects
  • Program management is the overall management of multiple related projects having the same focus, business goals and strategies
  • Portfolio management is managing set of related programs with the objective of enhancing business performance

Clarizen has been designed to cover all of these related – yet qualitatively distinct – functions, by empowering organizations to:

  • Centralize requests for new projects and changes
  • Generate a realistic pipeline indicating budget and available resources
  • Streamline and automates project planning
  • Establish timelines complete with budgets, milestones, deliverables, due dates and interdependencies

In addition, as a cloud-based solution, Clarizen brings people and teams together no matter where they are – 24/7/365.

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