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Project Management Software Gantt Chart

Clarizen's Gantt chart representation is fantastic -

Most project managers have a love-hate relationship with Gantt Charts, which even good old Henry Gannt himself would appreciate and understand.

The thing that project managers value about Gannt Charts is that they can, if developed correctly, illustrate the start and end dates of project tasks, along with interdependencies. However, the thing that project managers loathe about Gannt Charts is that conventional project management software lacks the interactive functionality they need. Fortunately, that’s how Clarizen can help by creating Gannt Charts for the modern workplace.

Unlike rigid schedule “snapshots” that are unreliable within weeks—if not days—of project launch, Clarizen’s acclaimed Interactive Gannt Chart displays a 360-degree visual representation of a project’s work plan alongside a data grid. As a result, project managers can:

  • Instantly, easily and clearly access real-time insights of key task attributes, including percentage complete and dates
  • Customize work item visualizations, with differing heights representing different work items
  • Use drag-and-drop to adjust start and due dates, change a task’s completion percentage, reorder work items, and create or modify task dependencies

Clarizen gives you intuitive Gantt toolbars to create dynamic or specific Gantt Charts in seconds. You can then share Gantt Charts as a widget with internal and external stakeholders (including customers) to enhance collaboration and keep everyone in the loop.

What’s more, mobile and remote teams can launch the Clarizen mobile app to get updates and continue the work journey between devices, anytime and anywhere.

Discover why noted that Clarizen’s “Gantt chart representation is fantastic.Request your free trial.