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Project Management Resource Planning

Enterprise-Grade Resource Planning to Get the Job Done

As every project manager knows, resource planning isn’t a static “set it and forget it” event. Rather, it’s an ongoing process that involves constant monitoring, re-balancing and optimizing.

However, most conventional project management software solutions aren’t designed to support this critical objective. At most, they function as repositories that contain resource lists; much like ordinary spreadsheets or simple databases. And while this may be adequate for extremely simple projects, it’s categorically unsuitable for the needs of today’s large and enterprise organizations. And that’s where Clarizen enters the picture and makes all the difference.

Clarizen features robust, yet easy-to-use resource planning and management tools that enable project managers and all other authorized stakeholders to:

  • Generate real-time insight into available resources and their current/planned workload
  • Add resources in a matter of seconds by sending an email invitation or via bulk loading a .CSV resource list
  • Optimize assignments and prevent over-staffing or under-utilization
  • Deploy a variety of time and expense tools to manage effort tracking and invoicing

Discover why the experts at gave Clarizen a perfect 9.5/10 score on Resource Management and rated Clarizen the #1 overall project management choice in a head-to-head comparison with 15 leading solutions. Request your free trial today.