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Project Management Dashboard

Utilize Project Management Dashboard for Success

Projects typically involve a massive volume of objects: projects, tasks, time sheets, and discussions that team members and other stakeholders must be able to access and rely upon to make the right decisions. And that’s why enterprises worldwide are empowering their end-users with Clarizen project management dashboards and reports.

Clarizen’s reports and dashboards enable both local and remote users to:

  • Review real-time data on any project detail
  • Share dashboards with internal or external stakeholders via a live link
  • Control information sharing based on individual user privileges, user groups, profile association, and more
  • Report on any Clarizen object and add key business metrics and questions
  • Generate and store reports via an advanced scheduler, email, or Clarizen’s built-in social collaboration tools
  • Review historical snapshots of data for any report in order to generate a full audit trail of performance
  • Display data via a multitude of charts, including advanced cluster and stacking options

Clarizen’s dashboards and reports deliver a 360-degree view of project health so that across-the-board project success becomes the expectation, rather than the exception.

Put Clarizen’s project management dashboards and reports to work in your environment and empower your teams. Request your free trial today.