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Project Collaboration Software

Empower Teams with Enterprise-Grade Project Collaboration Tools

As experienced project managers know all too well, the biggest problem with most project collaboration software solutions is, ironically, that they don’t enable real collaboration.

That is, such software essentially starts and ends with connecting people, much the same way that an online forum or social media platform connects people. But project managers and teams need to do much more than merely connect. They need to engage in an organized, efficient and focused manner that supports project objectives and organizational goals. And that’s why enterprises worldwide are choosing Clarizen.

Accessible via the cloud, Clarizen has profoundly re-imagined project collaboration software for large and enterprise organizations by doing what other solutions categorically cannot: turn connection into collaboration.

Wherever they are and whenever they are working, internal and external project team members simply use Clarizen to:

  • Engage on a social collaboration platform, which instantly associates unstructured conversations and communication to structured work items
  • Brainstorm solutions, discuss issues and even connect with customers and other external stakeholders in private, designated virtual workspaces
  • Use easily shareable widgets like graphs, projects and roadmaps to extend collaboration beyond the enterprise
  • Keep in touch and trigger any workflow by sending an email vs. having to log into the system

Furthermore, Clarizen’s class-leading configurability, flexibility and customization allows enterprises to adapt project collaboration tools to fit their specific process and workflow needs. They can also leverage Clarizen’s open API to sync data to and from the other solutions in their environment, such as Salesforce, Google Drive, Box, Intacct and JIRA.

Discover why enterprises worldwide are embracing Clarizen as the project collaboration software solution that enables true collaboration and takes project performance and success to a whole new level. Request your free trial.