Program Management Tools

Built with Program Management Best Practices in Mind

Program managers in search of tools that enable them to improve communication, reduce risk and make smarter and faster strategic decisions typically run into a frustrating obstacle: most tools are designed for projects, not programs.

That is, most tools focus exclusively on aspects such as managing schedules, assigning resources, tracking costs and so on. And while these are vital for overall enterprise success, they are not designed for program managers who face a different set of “big picture” challenges.

Fortunately, these program managers can join their counterparts in enterprises worldwide by choosing the award-winning solution that supports their success rather than impedes it: Clarizen.

With Clarizen, program managers and other authorized stakeholders can log in their computer, laptop or mobile device and:

  • Conduct long-term strategic planning
  • Get the accurate, comprehensive data they need to influence senior leadership
  • Facilitate disagreements between executives and align needs
  • Achieve budget planning, management and control goals
  • Strategically reduce risk across the full project and program portfolio

Clarizen’s built-in program management capacity helps program managers achieve their distinct objectives beyond the typical tools aimed at project managers

Empower your in-house and remote teams with Clarizen’s program management tools by launching your free trial today.