Professional Services Tracking

Empower Professional Services Teams with Enterprise-Grade Tracking Tools

While effective project tracking is always challenging, it’s especially difficult in professional services projects, because at the enterprise level there are typically multiple teams involved, such sales, success, services, and finance.

What’s more, tracking the progress (or lack thereof) of each professional services team in real-time is something that conventional project management software typically cannot do, nor can Excel spreadsheets, emails, or other tools. Instead of providing project managers with the information they need to make informed decisions and generate accurate reports, such software and tools create chaos and confusion. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen’s cloud-based project management solution drives 360-degree visibility across the customer engagement lifecycle, and brings together success, services, and finance teams in a centralized, holistic ecosystem. As a result, project managers can:

  • Track all professional service project details in real-time, including tasks, activities, and cases
  • Find specific project tracking information by searching with filters and sorting
  • Update progress, status, and all other project information anytime, anywhere
  • Drill into any project tracking item to view or edit details
  • Track team member time spent on each task or with each customer
  • Collaborate with team members and customers in designated, virtual workspaces
  • Generate reports, graphs, charts, and tables – and share them with internal or external stakeholders via email or widget

At the same time, Clarizen helps enterprises boost accountability at all levels and drive improved execution and efficiency at both the project and portfolio levels.

Discover why leading enterprises choose Clarizen to track, manage, execute, and drive their professional services projects – and achieve unprecedented efficiencies, performance, and results. Request your free trial.