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Online Project Management And Collaboration

Efficient Online Project Management and Collaboration with Clarizen

Collaborative project management enables team members, customers and all other stakeholders to connect and work together efficiently. However, that’s only half of the story.

The other half—and the one that many enterprises are missing—is to put collaboration into a work context, so instead of chasing unrelated tasks, people align their activities to achieve work-related goals and objectives.

Clarizen has been uniquely designed to be the “missing piece” of the online project management and collaboration puzzle. Wherever and whenever they’re working, team members can:

  • Effectively manage one or multiple projects, right down to the smallest details
  • Centralized and store content and all other project assets, so they’re easily accessible when needed
  • Resolve issues and track resolutions, which can then be shared across the enterprise
  • Use email to update or initiate projects, as well as manage issues

Furthermore, Clarizen’s online project management and collaboration software is customizable and easy to setup. Discover more by launching your free trial.