Online Employee Time Tracking

Empower Employees with Robust, Easy-to-Use Time Tracking Tools

Many – if not the vast majority – of enterprises around the world struggle when it comes to getting accurate, ongoing time tracking information from both their in-house and remote employees.

Surprisingly, however, the core issue isn’t that employees aren’t compliant. That’s the outcome. The true root cause is that employees aren’t supported by tools that make submitting time information efficient. Fortunately for both enterprises and employees alike, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen delivers a suite of robust, easy-to-use employee time tracking tools that are accessible completely online. With refreshing simplicity and efficiency, employees can:

  • Submit time data from their computer, laptop, or while on-site or en route using the Clarizen mobile app
  • Use the Clarizen Stopwatch to track precisely how much time they spend on a task or with a customer
  • Send and receive time and task-related information through their personalized Clarizen dashboard

Furthermore, project managers can use Clarizen to:

  • Review task data to analyze estimates vs. actual effort
  • Automatically roll up submitted time data into KPIs to track project performance
  • Integrate Clarizen with accounting software to automatically send invoices to internal departments or external customers

Discover why leading enterprises are using Clarizen’s award-winning online tools to transform employee time tracking from a challenging struggle, into an efficient process. Request your free trial.