MPM Controlling

Robust Tools to Empower your MPM Controlling Committee

Multi-project management (MPM) controlling committees are comprised of key stakeholders who provide “big picture” input to ensure portfolio prioritization, health and profitability. And given the vital importance of effective and efficient MPM controlling, it’s not surprising that a growing number of enterprises worldwide choose Clarizen.

As an award-winning project and portfolio management platform, Clarizen empowers MPM controlling committees with a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools including:

  • A robust API that integrates and syncs data with other platforms and systems in the environment, such as Salesforce, Intaact, JIRA, Box and Google Drive
  • A built-in reporting engine for tracking and monitoring portfolio health, KPIs, metrics and other data
  • Designated virtual workspaces for discussing issues, sharing ideas and making decisions

Discover how Clarizen empowers your MPM controlling committee, and drives performance and success across your enterprise. Request your free trial today.