Managing Project Milestones

Easy Management of Project Milestones

While there are several elements of project management that influence overall success, managing project milestones is among the most critical. This is because milestones are typically when customers and project sponsors expect status reports — and will either approve or disapprove of how the project is unfolding.

Clarizen has been uniquely designed with several key features that make managing project milestones efficient and effective, including the ability to:

  • Add or insert new milestones via drop down menus
  • Convert existing tasks into milestones, which ideal for sub projects
  • Monitor milestones in a draft mode before activating them
  • Add documents, notes and discussions to milestones

Furthermore, Clarizen’s renowned reporting capabilities ensures that designated internal and external stakeholders are informed, which helps ensure that the only milestone “surprises” are positive ones.

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