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Manage Project Costs

Manage your Project Costs and Keep Track of the Project Budget

As most project managers know, estimating project costs is one thing; ensuring that budgets are adhered to is altogether something else. Indeed, everything from resource imbalances to unexpected delays and overruns can lead to significant deviations – and sometimes even the need to completely re-set cost baselines.

Clarizen has been designed with a suite of robust, yet easy-to-use tools that help project managers and other executives:

  • Generate accurate and realistic forecasts and conduct re-forecasts as the project iterates through its lifecycle
  • Precisely track resources to avoid imbalances and ensure that the right resource is assigned to the correct activity
  • Facilitate effective change management, so that unforeseen obstacles don’t become costly and risky pitfalls
  • Manage schedules and ensure that everything – and everyone – is on track
  • Plan for contingencies, so that there’s always a plan B, C, and so on

Using Clarizen for project cost management lets you turn risky guesswork, into focused, accurate, and targeted cost management.

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