Mac Project Management Software

Enterprise Work Collaboration Insights to Get the Job Done

When it comes to project management software, Mac users hate having to switch gears when working in Windows environments when they’re onsite at a customer or working remotely. Fortunately, the experts at Clarizen feel exactly the same way.

That’s why we’ve designed Clarizen as a pure SaaS project management solution that is 100% cross-platform compatible. As such, regardless of whether you are using a Mac or Windows-based computer or laptop, you and your team can efficiently:

  • Manage all project details and issues, including issues, requests, schedules, budgets, reports, resources, time and expenses
  • Access customizable reports on all project aspects, and for all stakeholder groups (e.g., executive, sponsor, technical, etc.)
  • Create business rules via direct integration with third-party solutions, including Salesforce
  • Generate project transparency, accountability and accuracy, in order to drive results and increase NPS and client satisfaction levels

Furthermore, the Clarizen iOS mobile app makes it fast and easy for authorized internal and external stakeholders access a comprehensive array of tools from their iPhone or iPad.

Learn more about Clarizen’s advantages, and discover why it earned a perfect 10/10 score from in the project management category. Visit our website and request your free trial.