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IT Project Tracking

Robust, Easy-to-Use Project Tracking Tools for IT Projects

While project tracking is challenging in any work setting, the degree of difficulty in IT environments is typically much higher because of the complex, iterative nature of each phase of the lifecycle, and the risk of failing to meet all business requirements or customer/sponsor expectations, particularly on longer projects.

At the same time, conventional project management software adds to the problem rather than provides the solution. Instead of empowering project managers and team members with efficient project tracking tools, they actually impede progress and productivity. Indeed, it’s common even in high-performance enterprise environments to discover that team members are using spreadsheets, emails and sometimes old fashioned paper to facilitate project tracking information.

The good news, however, is that Clarizen is not conventional project management software. It’s a next generation enterprise-grade work execution platform that turns IT project tracking from a tedious, time consuming ordeal into an efficient and easy-to-manage process.

Whenever and wherever they’re working, project managers and other internal and external team members can simply log into Clarizen and:

  • Track any project detail by accessing unprecedented, real-time visibility into all projects in the portfolio
  • Connect with team members through an acclaimed social collaboration platform, which automatically connects unstructured communication to structured work activities
  • Submit and retrieve all relevant project tracking details via personalized dashboards
  • Generate reports that empower project managers, PMO staff and other decision-makers with the actionable intelligence they need to adjust or implement project tracking best practices

At the same time, Clarizen’s robust API integrates rapidly and easily with other leading solutions, such as Salesforce, Box, Intacct, JIRA and more.

Learn why enterprises worldwide are choosing Clarizen to achieve their essential IT project tracking goals. Request your free trial today.