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It Project Management Process

Establish, Enforce & Evolve a results-Based Project Management Process

In today’s fast-paced enterprise environments, implementing an optimized IT project management process is more important than ever.  

Indeed, long gone are the days when processes could be mapped and managed with spreadsheets, diagram software, and an ad hoc mix of “home grown” tools and apps. Instead of enabling control and driving results, they unleash chaos and invariably lead to cost and schedule overruns, scope creep, and a failure to achieve all business objectives.  

Fortunately, today’s enterprises don’t struggle to achieve IT project and program success. Instead, they can put their teams and organization on track for sustained success with Clarizen.

Clarizen’s award-winning cloud-based project management solution empowers project managers, PMO leaders and other decision-makers to:

  • Implement governance in their enterprise’s intake process to create standardization and control over what projects are approved
  • Optimize portfolios through weighing different business objectives against the overall budget during the project planning process
  • Get up-to-the-minute portfolio performance based on real-time progress data

What’s more, with access to multiple views into resourcing, team leaders can review current workloads as well as future demand on resources by skill, location, job title and more.  

With this and other critical data at their fingertips, project managers can track hours and monitor and manage spend and burn rates with integrated project financial management tools that deliver full project costs throughout the lifecycle.

Meanwhile, Clarizen’s mobile app ensures that the IT project management process is consistent and standardized across the work journey, regardless of where team members are located, or where they’re working. Checking status, collaboration with colleagues, uploading documents, and submitting expenses and more is simple, intuitive and organized.

Discover today why leading enterprises around the world choose and trust Clarizen to establish, enforce and evolve their results-based IT project management process. Request your free trial now.