Iphone App Time Tracking

Extend the Work Journey Beyond the Enterprise and Between Devices

While each enterprise has its own distinct culture, there is one common denominator that frustrates project managers, PMO executives, and other project leaders the world over: not getting the accurate time tracking information they need, when they need it.

However, the problem isn’t that project teams don’t want to comply. It’s that the tools they’re using are bloated, tedious, and inefficient; especially if they’re proprietary tools that were developed many years ago. Fortunately for both teams and management, there’s the Clarizen mobile app for iPhone.

Built to extend the capabilities of Clarizen’s award-winning project management web app, Clarizen’s mobile app for iPhone delivers a seamless, intuitive, and consistent work journey for team members wherever they are, and whenever they’re working.

In a matter of seconds and with refreshing ease and simplicity, they can simply launch the Clarizen app on their iPhone and:

  • Submit time data immediately after finishing a task or working with a customer
  • Use the Clarizen Stopwatch to precisely capture time tracking
  • Carry out a wide range of work execution and expense reporting tasks
  • Keep in touch with colleagues and customers, while accessing all project documents, notes, emails, and other assets on-demand

In addition, Clarizen’s mobile app for iPhone takes advantage of the device’s built-in functionality. For example, team members can take a photo of their expense report and call or IM a colleague even if they don’t know their phone number.

Learn why leading enterprises around the world are empowering their teams with the Clarizen mobile app for iPhone and enjoying a whole new level of customer success, project performance, and organizational results. Request your free trial.