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Interactive Gantt Chart

Empower Teams with Advanced Gannt Chart Functionality

The Gantt chart, a legendary, ever-present project management tool, was introduced way back 1910. However, project management has changed profoundly since then. This means that a smarter, better and more innovative solution is needed to keep projects on track. And that’s why leading organizations are embracing Clarizen’s interactive Gantt chart.

Built into Clarizen’s end-to-end project management software solution, the interactive Gantt chart empowers project managers and teams to quickly, easily and efficiently:

  • Gain 360 degree visibility of project schedules in real-time
  • Drill down to access any or all project details, including resources, budgets, dependencies, and more
  • Adjust project schedules as needed via drag and drop or stretch bars
  • Share Gantt charts as widgets, embedded in web pages, or via live email link
  • Refresh Gantt charts to access the latest versions, toggle multiple view options, and easily print them for offline assessment and analysis

See why concluded “Clarizen’s Gantt chart representation is fantastic” today.

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