Integrated Project Management Approach

Coordinate Project Plan Development, Project Execution and Integrated Change Control

In order to meet objectives, achieve targets and satisfy stakeholders, enterprises need to take an integrated project management approach that efficiently and effectively coordinates project plan development, project execution and integrated change control. And that’s why more enterprises are choosing Clarizen.

Designed with integrated project management approach best practices in mind, Clarizen enables project managers and their teams to identify, combine, unify and coordinate all of the ITTOs (inputs, tools, techniques and outputs) required to:

  • Develop project charters based on agreed-upon SOWs and realistic business requirements
  • Direct and manage project work in light of organizational process assets
  • Monitor and control project work that factors in cost forecasts, work performance data and schedule forecasts
  • Perform integrated change control, including evaluating, approving and managing all change requests

Ultimately, Clarizen enables enterprises to effectively integrate all of their complex, multi-faceted project management process groups, so that they can achieve project success, drive high performance teams, and support organizational growth.

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