Information Resource Management

Robust, Easy to Use Information Resource Management Tools

Spreadsheets and emails have their functions and purposes—but neither of these tools are remotely suitable for information resource management at the enterprise level. 

Furthermore, conventional project management software lacks flexibility, visibility and customization; which makes it part of the problem—instead of the solution. That’s where Clarizen enters the picture. 

Accessible online via the cloud, Clarizen empowers resource managers and other leaders to manage and control every aspect of information resource management by:

  • Generating real-time insight regarding resource status, schedules and upcoming workloads
  • Automatically sending notifications to team members when their calendar or workload changes
  • Tracking costs and variances between estimates and actuals
  • Integrating with talent management systems
  • Creating a wide range of reports for executives and other enterprise decision-makers

Discover the advantages of Clarizen’s powerful, yet easy-to-use information resource management tools with your teams, and across your enterprise. Request your free trial.