Improve Time Management

Drive Improved Time Management for Team Members and Projects

While there are many aspects of project management that support success, arguably the most important—and yet the most challenging—is time management.

That’s because time management on projects isn’t a linear, straightforward process. There are constant changes to deal with, risks to mitigate, opportunities to exploit and customer touch points to manage: all of which can, and usually do, impact time management. Fortunately, improving time management is something that Clarizen is designed to do.

With Clarizen, individual team members can quickly and easily:

  • See all of the scheduled tasks on their personal calendar, and drill down to get more detail
  • Submit time logs immediately after finishing a task, or spending time with a customer
  • Load the Clarizen Stopwatch to precisely capture time data
  • Discuss time and schedule issues on a social collaboration platform

And at the same time, project managers, PMO leaders and others can:

  • Monitor and manage individual and group calendars
  • Analyze time estimates with actual effort
  • Automatically roll up submitted time information into KPIs to assess project health
  • Count on receiving regular time logs in order to submit invoices to departments or customers

Discover why leading enterprises trust Clarizen’s cloud-based project management solution to improve time management for project team members, and for projects as-a-whole. Request your free trial.