Human Resource Management Software

Enterprise Work Collaboration Insights to Get the Job Done

As many enterprises have already discovered or are beginning to realize, the basic problem with most human resource management software is that it fails to allocate resources across various projects.

As a result, monitoring and managing allocation at scale is virtually impossible, which forces enterprises to make decisions based on “best guesses” instead of accurate data. And that’s why enterprises worldwide have made Clarizen their human resource management software solution.

From any computer, laptop, or mobile device, Clarizen makes it quick and easy to:

  • Allocate resources by skilset, availability, and/or location
  • Use the search filter to find resources based on skill or user group, which greatly increases the overall efficiency of resource management
  • Manage and deploy cross-project resource allocation, so that priority projects have the resources they need to finish on time and on budget

Furthermore, as a best-of-breed SaaS solution, Clarizen features a robust API tool set that integrates with an existing HRIS. For example, enterprises can create business rules that automatically trigger a job posting when there’s nobody “on the bench.” They can also automatically update Clarizen when a new resource onboards or leaves.

See why more and more enterprises are turning to Clarizen as their powerful, scaleable, and easy-to-use human resource management software solution. Request your free trial today.