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How To Allocate Resources To A Project Activity

Make Faster and Better Allocation Decisions with Collaborative Project Management Software

Project managers know that resource allocation is not just necessary for project success – it’s essential. Regardless of how accurate a schedule or budget may be, if the right people aren’t working on the right tasks — and at the right time — then some level of project failure is all but guaranteed.

Clarizen has been uniquely designed to help project managers effectively and efficiently allocate resources to various project activities by:

  • Tracking resource utilization in real-time and via the cloud
  • Rapidly finding suitable project team members based on their skills and availability
  • Avoiding imbalances by proactively moving tasks or activities
  • Being notified of any changes and communicating with both local and remote teams

Ultimately, Clarizen helps project managers achieve optimal resource allocation for all project activities, so that success on all levels becomes an expectation – and not an exception.

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