How Do You Allocate Resources In A Project

Optimize Resource Allocation in Your Projects

There are many factors that combine to achieve project success. However, arguably no single factor is more influential than effective resource allocation.

Clarizen’s cloud-based project management solution has been uniquely designed to make resource allocation both effective and easy. Wherever and whenever they’re working, authorized team members can:

  • Generate real-time insight into workflows and resource availability
  • Identify how tasks are distributed across resources
  • Allocate and re-allocate resources via quick drag-and-drop
  • Determine team capacity and speed of progress

In addition, Clarizen lets you level resources to balance them against availability and workflow requirements and monitor the bill-to burn rate to track time utilization.
All from a system that offers centralized communications and enables you to track and update resources and indicate their current status and task allocation.

The bottom-line is that Clarizen’s robust resource management capabilities can help ensure that projects are delivered on time, in scope, and on budget. Request your free trial today.