Group Task Tracking

Empowering Teams with Group Task Tracking Tools

Project and program managers need to track tasks at the group level. However, conventional software is needlessly complex and tedious, and various apps are limited and suitable for small businesses or startups. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Accessible online from any device, Clarizen delivers enterprise-grade group task tracking tools that make it fast and easy to:  

  • Create, manage and track group tasks across the portfolio in real-time
  • Balance and re-allocate resources in light of changing project needs and priorities
  • Automatically roll-up group task data into KPIs for project performance analysis

Enterprises can also set customized business rules to trigger group task-related workflows, validations, actions, approvals, etc., and use the Clarizen API to link with other systems and databases in the environment.  

Discover why enterprises around the globe are turning to Clarizen for robust, efficient and results-based group task tracking. Request your free trial today.