Excel Time Tracking

Turn Excel Time Tracking from an Ordeal into an Advantage

Project managers, PMO executives and all other enterprise leaders in charge of capturing accurate, timely effort data from project teams know with unwavering certainty that Excel isn’t an enterprise-grade time tracking tool – and was never designed for that critically important task.

However, in enterprises worldwide, project teams are using Excel for this purpose – either by design or, most often, by default because the alternative is inefficient, tediously complex time tracking software that nobody wants to use.

Fortunately, there’s an innovative way for enterprises to continue using Excel spreadsheets for time tracking, yet dramatically improve compliance rates and overall efficiency and accuracy: the Clarizen Excel Add-in.

Designed to work seamlessly with Clarizen’s award-winning, enterprise-grade project management web and mobile app, the Clarizen Excel-Add in is a leading-edge reporting tool that allows enterprise teams to quickly and easily:

  • Import data to Clarizen and generate robust reports and dashboards that leverage all of Excel’s built-in capabilities
  • Organize their data in a variety of formats in a single click
  • Build complex pivot tables, charts and graphs, which can then be presented to executives, sponsors or any other stakeholder group
  • Design and store all Query and Report definitions inside Excel
  • Discuss time tracking issues on a social collaboration platform
  • Leverage all of Clarizen’s built-in time tracking tools, including the popular Clarizen stopwatch

In addition, enterprises can install the Clarizen Excel Add-in an unlimited number of times, which supports scaling and widespread adoption, with no cost or budget concerns.

Discover why leading enterprises are using Clarizen to transform Excel time tracking from a dreaded ordeal, into a streamlined process that supports efficiency and drives results. Request your free trial.