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Enterprise Workflow Management

Eliminate Workplace Chaos with Robust Enterprise Workflow Management Tools

As project managers know, managing workflows in enterprises can sometimes feel like being an air traffic controller, except instead of “separating aircraft,” their job is to avoid bottlenecks and ensure that dozens, hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of concurrent projects reach the finish line as scheduled, in budget, and having achieved all business requirements.

Yet, conventional project management software cannot provide the workflow management support that today’s enterprises need. Instead of streamlining activities and collaboration, such software forces teams to adopt unfamiliar and unwelcome processes, often leading them to abandon the software altogether and revert to a chaotic mix of email and spreadsheets. Fortunately, Clarizen is clearly not conventional project management software.

Accessible through the cloud, Clarizen is an award-winning, innovative work execution system that drives efficient, streamlined, and automated enterprise workflow management by empowering enterprises to:

  • Streamline workflow management and processes across the entire enterprise, including all offices and satellite locations worldwide
  • Apply an automated workflow to any task or activity, complete with full tracking, visibility, collaboration, and analysis
  • Create business rules to automatically trigger actions and processes—including new project plan creation
  • Develop customized workflows around any process or activity
  • Align social collaboration with work execution
  • Create high-performance teams and accelerate business performance and innovation
  • Integrate with other solutions in the environment (e.g. Salesforce)

Discover why leading enterprises worldwide have established Clarizen as their efficient, effective, and results-based workflow management system. Request your free trial.