Enterprise Social Collaboration Tools

Encourage Organizational Transparency with Enterprise Social Collaboration Tools

While social collaboration has re-invented how friends and family members connect, it has also dramatically evolved how professional colleagues and team members collaborate. At least, that’s the potential – the reality, however, is proving to be quite another matter.

That’s because, instead of experiencing communication and performance improvements, many organizations that have deployed enterprise social collaboration tools are finding them to be inefficient and even counter-productive. Instead of bringing their workers and workgroups together, they are driving them further apart onto their various disconnected “islands of activity”.

Clarizen unifies workers and workgroups – wherever they are, and whenever they are working — by transforming conversations into actions, actions into deliverables, and deliverables into goals through built-in features like:

  • Email messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Data sharing
  • Application sharing
  • Electronic meeting systems
  • Virtual discussion forums

Ultimately, Clarizen empowers organizations to reap the full, practical rewards they want, need, and deserve from enterprise social collaboration tools.

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