Enterprise Social Collaboration Platform

Build a Cohesive Social Collaboration Platform in your Organization

Successful project implementation depends on transparent team-based collaboration. As such, using the right tools to promote open communication—rather than hinder it—is essential for project success and overall organizational stability.

Clarizen’s award-winning, cloud-based work collaboration solution has been designed from the ground-up to enable enterprise-wide collaboration. Wherever and whenever they’re working, authorized team members can:

  • Attach approvals, documents, expense sheets, and other relevant project data
  • Communicate seamlessly via email through the unique InterAct engine
  • Create “3-D” conversations around workflows and tasks
  • Instantly build and assign action items
  • Control and manage passwords
  • Access multi-dimensional charting options

Furthermore, Clarizen deploys quickly and with an extremely light footprint, which means that enterprises can boost their social collaboration capabilities faster, simpler, and more cost-effectively than they imagine.

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