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Effective Team Management

Take Team Management to the Next Level

On projects and programs, effective team management isn’t just an organizational priority: it’s a critical objective that directly impacts performance, customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, and profitability.

Surprisingly, most project management software solutions aren’t designed for effective team management. They’re either superficial apps and tools that fall apart in robust, rigorous, and sophisticated enterprise environments, or they take an old school “command and control” approach that undermines teams and reduces their ability to leverage knowledge capital and make smarter, faster decisions. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.

Clarizen is designed from the ground-up to drive effective team management—regardless of whether team members are located in-house, or distributed across the world.

From any internet-enabled computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, team members can access a suite of robust, easy-to-use tools and features to:

  • Use discussions to link items and share in-context conversations around projects, tasks, and files
  • Share status updates, engage in discussions, and trigger customized workflows, simply by sending an email
  • Access real-time updates via widgets such as roadmaps, graphs, and projects
  • Connect with colleagues and customers in private virtual workspaces
  • Collaborate on various reports and dashboards

Learn more about Clarizen’s class-leading capacity to fuse the power of the cloud with social collaboration—and ultimately drive effective team management to new levels of performance and excellence. Request your free trial today.